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My name is Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick. I feel like it's a little pointless for me to mention this since I'm on a webcomic site, but I'm an artist and a writer. My comic, "Rain", a dramedy is about a teenage trans girl. I should probably mention that I myself am a trans girl too. As such, the comic is a bit of a personal story to me.

When I'm not drawing/writing, I enjoy gaming (especially RPGs and retro games), anime (my tastes are pretty eclectic) and heavy metal (or more particularly, epic/symphonic metal).

Jocelyn's Webcomics
My Impossible Soulmate My Impossible Soulmate
From the author/artist of the webcomic, Rain.

Follows the strange story of Chiaki, a daydreaming otaku who longs to confess her feelings to her childhood friend, Fumiko, and how that's made especially difficult when she gets transported to another world.

Last update: 9 days ago
Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Rain Rain
Rain is a slice-of-life/comedy/drama that follows the life of a teenage transgender girl named Rain, as she attempts to go through her senior year in high school identifying only as a woman. Along the way, she makes friends with an eclectic bunch of people of varying orientations and gender identities. See their stories filled with silly humor, teenage angst, occasional adult angst, copious amounts of love triangles, mockery of product names, complex relationships, tons and tons of dialogue, and sometimes a cute, little bunny. How can you go wrong, right?

I hope you all like it!

This story contains roughly PG-13 content.
- Occasionally strong language
- Sexual themes and situations (but no nudity)
- Gay, lesbian, bi and transgender characters (among countless others)
- Lousy or non-existent backgrounds
- Occasionally triggering scenes

Last update: 22nd Feb 2023
Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Rain, la traduction française Rain, la traduction française
Rain est une comédie/un drame qui raconte la vie d'une adolescente transgenre nommée Rain, alors qu'elle essaie de vivre sa dernière année de lycée en tant que femme. Sur le chemin, elle se lie d'amitié avec des personnes de différents genres et identités. Lisez leurs histoires remplies d'humour, d'angoisse, de nombreux triangles amoureux, de parodies de marques, de relations complexes, énormément de dialogue, et parfois un petit lapin tout mignon. Comment peut-on se tromper, hein ?

J'espère que vous apprécierez!

Cette histoire n'est pas recommandée aux moins de 12 ans.
-Vocabulaire parfois fort
-Thèmes et situations suggestifs (mais pas de nudité)
-Personnages gay, bi, lesbiens, et/ou transgenres (parmi de nombreux autres)
-Arrière-plans absents ou pourris
-Scènes parfois incomfortables

Last update: 30th Jul 2022
Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Mi Pareja Imposible Mi Pareja Imposible
De la autora y artista del webcómic, Rain.

Sigue la extraña historia de Chiaki, una otaku soñadora que espera poder confesar sus sentimientos a su amiga de la infancia, Fumiko, y cómo se vuelve especialmente difícil cuando es transportada a otro mundo.

Esta es la versión traducida al español del cómic "My impossible Soulmate", de Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick, traducida con amor por Val.

Last update: Today
Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language