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Joe Jarin is a 38 year old artist from the Philippines. He loves spanish sardines with 'pandesal' bread.

Joe Jarin's Webcomics
Shift Universe
"The best way to rule the universe is to create it." ~ Stan Lee
Last update: 5th Nov 2018
Authority Generator
The city of Jerusalem is destroyed in a massive explosion, apparently the work of terrorists. But as the Authority begins to investigate, they realize that things are not quite what they seem, as an ancient secret awaits them beneath the ruins.

Written by: Matt Nute
All characters owned by Wildstorm

Last update: 23rd Oct 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
JSA 1944 - The Incredible Mister Horrific
"He came out of nowhere to defeat the JSA! He toppled the mighty Atom! Drew the curtain on Doctor Mid-Nite! Plucked Hawkman’s wings! Short-circuited Johnny’s T-bolt! Burnt out the Starman! And proved to Wonder Woman that chivalry is dead! Who is the incredible Mister Horrific?"

Interpreted from

Characters owned by DC Comics. Written by JSAGL

Last update: 30th Jan 2017
Earth 2: Black Arrow
Tales From Earth 2:Crime Syndicate of Amerika
Last update: 11th Apr 2016
Youngblood #4
I interpreted this from the unpublished script of Alan Moore for Youngblood #4.

Just for practice.


Last update: 21st Oct 2017
DCU 1943: The Space-Time Gambit
It’s an adventure that spans space and time as Alexei Luthor, Superman’s arch-enemy, teams up with Dr. Doome, foe of the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Together, the two time-traveling villains pluck a group of super-heroes from parallel universes and multiple times and enslave them in order to capture the entire membership of the All-Star Squadron! But will an elderly master of time named Mr. Weed be able to stop their time-spanning schemes? Meanwhile, Luthor learns how he will die. Can even this infamous criminal scientist avoid his fate? Guest starring the Freedom Fighters, the Marvel Family, and many heroes of the Golden Age!
Last update: 11th Jan 2017
The Order
Written by Frank Byrns; Art by Joey Jarin
Last update: 2nd Apr 2018