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Last update: 25th Jul 2016
Thrown eons into the future, a young historian named Fade joins forces with a street prophet to track down his betrayer and restore order to a chaotic Earth that bears no resemblance to the one he remembers. With superhuman strength, ancient- yet highly advanced- technology, and enhanced mental acuity, he sets out to fulfill the role set out for him in this new world--to overthrow the organization called the Illuminati and to somehow find his way back to his ancient home of Atlantis.
Last update: 15th Apr 2016
Kid Friendly Comics
A kid friendly comic where imagination, adventure, and fun rule the day.
Last update: 20th Apr 2016
The Adventures of Sparky and Mr. Hopper
If you're interested to see how a frog comes to wear camouflage, wield a deadly spork, and have a dog as his trusty steed, then this is the comic for you.
Last update: 31st May 2016