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Joshua Sturm
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Registration date: 3rd Sep 2016
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Location: USA
About Me
I enjoy drawing and playing more video games than I should have access to.
My talents in writing include only creating major plot developments. My weakness is creating everything else in between.

Joshua Sturm's Webcomics
Deep in the forest lives a rabbit wertierean named Ruby. All of her life she has been taught that predator species were monsters dead-set on hunting and devouring her. One night she falls away from the path she knows into a trap when a wolf named Caine finds and saves her. He's nothing like Ruby has heard of; in fact, Caine turns out to be kinder than most people she knows. Despite their differences, they become friends.
But rabbits are paranoid, and wolves have laws regarding interactions with inferior wertieran species. Secrets don't stay secret for long. The only questions are if and when that will happen.

Last update: 2 days ago
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