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Just an aspiring comic artist that's getting his start around here as well :3

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Jetlina's Adventures
Within England at Grimsby is what was once a normal human named Jennifer Alina.

After being kidnapped and taken to a world of cartoons, she awakens to find she had transformed into a cartoon mouse, and quickly makes friends with a local named Vammy.

This sort of thing tends to make heroes out of normal people, and Jen, dubbing herself Jetlina, is no exception towards all this, but she had best be aware of the machinations of Z-Mo...

Last update: 3 days ago
Violent Content
Marked Ones
Set in a world of floating islands, sky pirates, crystals and powers, people with these powers are born with marks, dubbed the Marked Ones, and people expect this to lead to legends born...

This is not the case...

This story tells of Samuel Acton, the soon-to-be-head of his family and not a Marked One, winding up as the cabin boy of a crew of quirky pirates.

Last update: 24th Dec 2021
Violent Content
Element Rebalance
Set in Amesbury, four university students wind up enrolled to help the queen of the elementals in a war against a group obsessed with order at all costs.

There are however other things; monsters that are suddenly appearing now of all times, how old the elementals are exactly, and much, much more...

Last update: 4 days ago
Violent Content