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Hello there! My name (or rather, alias) is Julia KaNeko (KAH-NEE-KO), but you're better off just calling me "Koneko-Oneechan." Around where I live, I'm known as a novelist and artist and on the side, I'm working on a little project called the Koneko Kafe`.
Anyways, I'm new on here, and I'm glad I found this site. Please welcome me with open arms, paws, wings, fins hooves and I'll welcome you. I also hope you'll enjoy my comics as well. ^^ Who knows? Maybe you'll see them on the shelves of your local book store.

-Julia K'neko (Thursday, July 28th, 2011)

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A Simple Life A Simple Life
A simple life isn't always so simple... Sometimes the guy doesn't always get the girl, sometimes there is no happily ever after and sometimes there's no solution for the easiest problem in life. Tamamama, a 10 year old cat who always seems to bring out the better in people meets a 14 year old human boy named Yuunai who decided to run away from his problems and decided to start a life anew in the land of Myokyo as the new Mayor. These two, along with others will soon be entwined and will be faced with joy, love, drama and adventures with life lessons. SO! C'mon and read the silly seriousness and randomness of the citizens of Myokyo in... A Simple Life! Where a simple life isn't always so simple...
(Genre: Comedy (mostly), Romance, Drama)

Last update: 31st Oct 2020
Frequent Frontal Nudity Frequent Strong Language