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Registration date: 27th Feb 2017
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Location: Seattle, Washington
About Me
Hello~ My username is Sunarry (for just about everything) but since I've started writing my comic, I prefer going by K.Kremer. I've been drawing on and off for a while and always have stories in my head so comics was the best for me. I'm still working on improving my skills and feel like I have a long way to go..

K.Kremer's Webcomics
Project Reverie
Facing financial troubles Kelly ignorantly joins Project Reverie and is thrown in head first. She struggles with the choice of committing to the project, becoming an official member of Group Zeta with the all the risks and rewards or letting down the other four members. After getting to know the other members a little bit more, along with some persuasion from others interested in the project, she decides.

Zeta’s members are tasked to travel to new worlds and find the assigned problem and fix it. Each mission one of Zetas members is assigned as the “Dreamer” while the others must trust and support them through an unfamiliar territory. The worlds vary from furry, to mystic, technologic, aquatic and even demonic; each world reflects the core of the Dreamer. The problem on said world, dives into the Dreamer’s dark past. Forcing them to face their own history in order to restore order and continue forward in the project.

Once each world is corrected the Dreamers must face the final trial and take their place on the front line in a battle they’ve been kept in the dark about. In a project filled with secrets and good intentions, Zeta will have to find a way to work as a team, or become isolated and shattered letting the darkness consume them.

Last update: 21st Jun 2019
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Day Purr Day
Random stories about the lives of somewhat common housecats and their Hooman.
Last update: 20th Jan 2019
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