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Kanela's Profile
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Registration date: 3rd Feb 2012
Last seen: 30th Sep 2017, 3:45 AM
Posts: 281
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Location: Mexico
About Me
Los colores son mi vida, no sé que haría si un día ya no pudiera ver. Amo dibujar.
A veces sueño cosas parecidas a superproducciones cinematográficas, y es precisamente eso lo que me insta a hacer un comic.

Tengo cuenta en deviantArt, que puedes visitar sin compromiso: Kanela at dA
Y soy la artista del webcomic llamado M9 Girls

I do speak English, so feel free to talk to me or whatever (:

Kanela's Webcomics
Está conmigo en todas partes, dirigiendo mis pasos, siguiéndome...asfixiándome. Yo no creía en las hadas, hasta que se me apareció. No debo pronunciar su nombre pero- tengo que liberarme de ella. La única manera de recuperar mi vida, es encontrar mi destino en el amor...¡¿a quién se le ocurren estas cosas?!
Last update: 9th Nov 2015
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Deliree (english version)
Xochitl -meaning flower in Nahualt- is a down-to-earth, sometimes sarcastic girl who thinks love is not what people make it up to be. Suddenly one day she is visited by a fairy, Deliree, who tells her she must find her true love if she wants to get rid of her presence. And then, everything starts getting creepy...
Last update: 9th Nov 2015
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M9 Girls!
Shoujo meets super-hero comic book action! Four college girls are granted the ability to channel the primordial energy of the universe by a mysterious benefactor.
Now, cherished friendships will be tested. Powerful enemies will emerge. Fashion choices will be questioned. Armed with their newfound abilities, Any, Pato, Clau, and Karlita, will protect the world from evil forces, while trying to finish college with a decent GPA.

Support us at Patreon.

Last update: 2nd Feb 2019
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The Last Tomorrow
In a world where humans and fauna have banded together to defend the planet from alien invaders, a young couple ponder the path not taken and the weight of their choices.
Last update: 25th Jan 2015
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Oddessian Chronicles
Kronos, a young man travels with his wise-cracking talking sword in order to collect the seven light crystals, to power up his sword and defeat the ancient immortal warlord Isar.
Last update: 26th May 2012
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