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Registration date: 11th Jan 2011
Last seen: 13th Sep 2012, 6:55 AM
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Location: Finland
About Me
Alive and kicking since 1981. Taste gets worse every year.

Kata's Webcomics
Random Thoughts
Yeah so this really is random thoughts. I woke up one morning thinking about a duck-sausage and I figured I might as well start doing a webcomic about things. Yes..Things. Stuff and junk and stuff that happens to me. And things. It's mostly sort of an online diary, except also not. It's just random thoughts.

I apologize for dry humor, bad puns and possible injuries you suffer from facepalming.

I hope you enjoy :D

Last update: 15th Jun 2012
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This is a story about Karen who dreams of many things.
Last update: 18th Apr 2011
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Inner Beauty
When you bottle up enough emotions, they will burst out one way or another.

Inner beauty is about the inner self that isn't very beautiful at all. It's the things you wanted to say or do but couldn't.

Last update: 1st Nov 2011
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