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Katherine is a webcomic hobbyist who is also trying to learn art.
She has a website where you can look at her drawings:


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Ask Aunt Ellen Ask Aunt Ellen
Octavius Strange is the last of a long line of sorcerers who used to terrorize the surrounding countryside with their horrifying deeds, but all he wants to do is live a quiet life with his new fiancee Phobia. If only his dead relatives would stop getting in the way.
Last update: 30th May 2021
The Black Bull of Norroway The Black Bull of Norroway
This is an illustrated fairy tale taken from the Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang. It is about a young woman going off to seek her fortune, and a fearsome black bull. I used all the original text from the book, which means that it is in Scottish dialect. The illustrations, however, are my own interpretation.
Last update: 24th Aug 2020
The Adventures Of Everybody. And Zandria. The Adventures Of Everybody. And Zandria.
In a town of superheroes there is only one person without a power. The story starts when she sees a video of her friend breaking into a research center where they study powers. When she confronts him he claims to have no memory of the event, but somehow knows exactly where to get answers. After meeting with someone who has the power to erase the memory of everyone on the planet (including himself), a guy who jumps off buildings for fun, and healer who may or may not be a medium, they have to break into the center again to find out why they did in the first place.
Last update: 6th Feb 2017
Mook Academy Mook Academy
A story about an academy for mooks, minions, redshirts, goons, cannon fodder, monster victims, and angry mobs.
Last update: 18th Dec 2015