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Registration date: 30th Mar 2011
Last seen: 2nd Jul 2012, 12:57 AM
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Location: USA
About me
College student who is currently studying Communication Arts. I love drawing and making comics in my spare time ;D

Kaylii's comics
A young girl is kidnapped from a group with unique abilities, called the Divinity Scouts. She slowly starts to realize she has powers of her own, and must learn how to use them in order to escape!

Updates Fridays
Rated Mature

Last update: 4th Nov 2011
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Firefly Waters
A couple of wood elves, Kaylii and Kai-wen, get some time alone and talk....among some other things
Mature and updated randomly. This comic is short

Last update: 21st Apr 2011
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No Grey In-Between
An anthropomorphic story of two sisters who get sent to another world under the claim they are the prophesized peace makers, sent from Earth to restore prosperity and win over the invaders. However, after being sent accidently to the land already invaded by the Keer, a feline alien based race, one sister, Eve, was taken captive before they could be saved. The other sister, Robyn, has no other interest now besides saving her sister and getting away from this little slice of disaster.
Last update: 7th Mar 2012
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