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I enjoy making web comics. I can't draw to save my life so I use other ways to create them.

My web comic Bob Swersky, Super Hero uses 3D renders made in DAZ Studio then put together using ComicLife 3.

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Bob Swersky, Super Hero Bob Swersky, Super Hero
"Bob Swersky, Super Hero" chronicles the heroics of Bob Swersky as he, and his sidekick Steve, protect Cityville. Using only his likability and calm demeanor he continually thwarts the devious plans of Dr M'Agico and Carl the Evil Klown.

Last update: 13th Oct 2020
The Agents The Agents
The Agents are a pair of inept secret agents from an undisclosed government agency.

Agent 3 is a handsome, virile young man who places his life on the line every day to protect our national security, well at least that's what it says in his online dating profile.

Agent 7 had planned to be a stenographer, but she when she arrived at the vocational training center she accidentally signed up for the secret agent course instead. It wasn't until they started small arms training that she realized she was in the wrong course. She failed the final exam, but the instructor had diarrhea that day and gave everyone a passing grade just so he could get to the bathroom quickly.

I don't have a specific schedule for updating The Agents, it's completely random. Sometimes its every day, sometimes it's much, much longer. Please subscribe so you'll know when a new episode has been uploaded.

The Agents is made with ComiPo! Yes, I know, all of the comipo comics look the same. Maybe when my hands grow back I can draw it myself. (I'm sorry, I just lied to you. I do have hands, I just can't draw.)

Last update: 21st Aug 2019
Bumping Gums Bumping Gums
Bumping Gums is a term from the 1930's that means to talk about nothing important. If the Seinfeld show had been a product of the 30's it would have been called bumping gums.

These comics are just things that pop into my head, or things I experience in life.

Some early stuff was made in ComiPo!, but recently I have started using Poser 10 to create 3Dish comics.

Last update: 22nd Jul 2019