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Kim Allman
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About Me
I have been a caricaturist and illustrator for many years. A long time ago I wanted to do comics for a living. As with most things, life is what happens while you are making plans. Nigel the Nosferatu is but one of many creations that my muse seeks to get me to bring to life. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Take care,

Kim Allman

Kim Allman's Webcomics
This is a comic book story I started in 1998 back before the internet became as big a thing as it is now. Originally I was attempting to self publish this book but did not have the funds to see it through. UrNach is an homage to the old pulp fantasy heroes such as Conan, Fafard and the Grey Mouser, Elric and others. It was also my attempt to be Frank Frazetta and/or Barry Windsor Smith, or Wally Wood. Ah well one can dream. Regardless, I came across these old pages and decided I would test the waters. Sadly the DuoShade paper they were originally drawn on is no longer made nor are the chemicals that brought out the dot patterns. Creating this effect on a computer is just not the same thing and is less satisfying to me. If I decided to continue this idea I will seek a slightly different approach to rendering the pages. But please let me know what you think,


Last update: 23rd Jun 2013
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Nigel the Nosferatu
What happens when a lonely hermit vampire takes in an orphan girl and her ill tempered cat to care for? Who really cares for whom? Join Nigel, Lucy, and Malfelix in a world not unlike our own except things really do go bump in the night, but who really is the monster?
Last update: 9th Jul 2017
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