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King Radical II♂
Registration date: 14th May 2014
Last seen: 2nd Jan 2016, 4:14 AM
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Location: Norway
About me
Hey ya'll! I'm Ray, other aliases include King Radical II, Rayx10 or TheTenthRay.

Long ago I made a comic based on a roleplay between me and friends, the RPG in question was WhiteWolf's "World of Darkness", a gothic-horror themed RPG about modern vampires werewolves and other creatures.
The comic was a flop, as I went into it unprepared with only a concept and some pretty bad ideas, as well as a poor, inconsistent drawing style.

Kindred is the reboot that me and my girlfriend/secretary/assistant are currently working our butts off making a great piece of work, we may post it to several sites to make it known, but for now Comicfury is where we'll start.

I hope to provide an amazing-looking comic, good humour, enthralling storyline and various cheers from whoever enjoys reading it.

See you soon, we have hundreds of pages planned and sketched just for the first two chapters. More to come soon.

Check out my Deviant page here:
Our sketches will be posted periodically on tumblr:

Hope you like what you see, Ask us anything.

King Radical II's comics
Delve into the World Of Darkness and follow two Vampires into a menagerie of darkness and blood.
All manner of horrors go bump in the night, join us and know that the undead might be the least strange creatures to find.

Linear story in a Modern-Supernatural fantasy style inspired by WhiteWolf's "World of Darkness" RPG, may contain Blood/gore, foul language and nudity.

Last update: 6th Aug 2015
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