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Dave Kitapi he/him, 25, UK
I'm a long-term digital illustrator shamelessly fuelled by coffee and the retro puppet shows of my youth - okay, maybe only one, but I watched other stuff growing up.

As I was writing this, I was drinking white decaf with vanilla syrup. My favourite is probably a bakery chain's mint mocha, but that's seasonal.

Discord: KitapiMD#3103
Twitter: dkitapi
Insta: d.kitapi

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Ragdoll Stories
**In Active Development**

A rather humble yet unusual trip down the Y2K memory lane in which the residents of a sleepy English town discover they have some otherworldly visitors. Yes, tucked away in an old bedroom above a dusty antique shop lies a portal to a distant fictional land. They're not the superheros or magical wizards they were expecting or wanting - instead they are the four well-meaning but dimwitted Teletubbies.

Mixed reactions ensue... from both sides.

| Slice-of-Life, Character Study | PG-13 |

Previously existed as School of Ragdoll (2014-15), though it's not so much a reboot but a complete rework of the premise. 'Tubby gijinkas once, 'Tubby gijinkas forever.

Teletubbies belongs to DHX Media

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