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Registration date: 10th Nov 2010
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About me
Believer in the Creator, keeper of the Kingdom's History, 4th Energie Guardian Schoolmaster, and wearer of the pink bunny suit.

KittyMariePrince's comics
Creator's Armor
A young man, named Howey Moses Prince, is led by the Creator to free the kingdom from the evil grip that has controlled it for so many years, and restore the kingdom to a Creator led rule. Thus fulfilling the prophesy of the Creator's Hero. The adventures, lessons and trials Howey has as the Creator leads him through this task becomes the story of Creator's Armor.

In Volume One Howey is a common teen who grew up in a small village in the woods, but one day one of King Zorru's magicians, called Seers, attacks Howey's village and tries to kill Howey because they believe him to be the prophesied Creator's hero, a hero who is said to be the one to get Zorru off the throne and restore the kingdom to a Creator led rule. Howey though believes the prophesy to be a fairy tale...but will he learn that it's not, and that the Creator has actually chosen him to be the hero?

Last update: 20th Jun 2014
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