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Registration date: 1st Apr 2017
Last seen: 6th May 2018, 1:53 PM
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Location: Virginia
About me
I am a furry making a mediocre comic as it is only my first,
but try to look into it as hard as possible and maybe it might have some good features that I might not even know about...critic is important to me whether you call me a god...or tell me to kill myself...I really don't care- I just want people to know I EXIST

My icon is T'rav from Life on Chesmo, and was drawn by halibabica

Klivord's comics
La Vie Sur Tchesmo
Last update: 8th Jan 2018
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Azdov Adventure
Rai'k is just a normal Azdov and a worker in a Bio-facility on the Azdov colonial planet of Earglade but then is reassigned to be a ''bio-scout'' on an expeditionary ship.
Watch as the crew goes from planet to planet periodically and quickly and...things happen I guess...
and I think they might become mentally unstable or just get into something'll eventually see!
You may also eventually notice Azdov cultural aspects some of which might trigger you.
The other cultures usually don't survive or are shown long enough to be relevant.

Eventually is a key word here. I'am a high-schooler who has to use MSpaint

Last update: 4th Nov 2017
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Life On Chesmo
T'ravis Ru'O Is an ordinary Azdov on their home world of Chesmo. He's just doing his job and stuff but then it seems something is off in the community when he is informed that there are creatures disguising themselves as members of his species.
Last update: 6th Jan 2018
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