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Terrestrial Terrestrial
Mankind is on the brink of extinction and has no place in the universe besides high-risk, labor jobs.
Terrestrial and two others are hired to protect Polark while he retrieves one last water haul from a ticking time bomb of a moon. They hope no one would be insane enough to attack.

Last update: 20th Oct 2022
Graphic Violence / Gore Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
Spindleweb Spindleweb
A young girl makes a stand for herself, an action which propels her onto a magical adventure with a man who knows no fear.
Last update: 18th Feb 2022
Sirius' Magical Orb Sirius' Magical Orb
Although Wizard Sirius knows all, he has dedicated his profound life to obtaining the vast mysteries of the universe(all of which he already knew of course). When his bumbling oaf of an apprentice and her idiot friend knock his magic orb into a worm hole, he does what any wise, all-powerful wizard would do; send them to fetch it.
Last update: 1st Jan 2017

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