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I use swordplay, magick, and fantasy as an allegory for my own snarky political commentary. I also make a lot of absurdist, expressionist drawings.

Kourtney's Webcomics
Sarah Deathdagger is a mage, and her twin sister, Rebecca Deathdagger, is an assassin. The two fight to overthrow an oppressive monarchy in the kingdom they live within, but personal and ideological differences between the two sisters has caused them to lead different paths and factions in this revolution. The two sisters fight not only to liberate the land from the tyranny of crown and church, but to keep the other sister from seizing power for their own ends.
Last update: 6th Nov 2019
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Random Assorted Art by Kourtney
This is an alternative collection of my random, individual works not directly related to my main Deathdaggers comic series. In other words, anytime I just want to draw something outside of Deathdaggers, it goes here.
Last update: 1st Aug 2019
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