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A pen-and-ink slinger of small repute, I spend my days thinking of ways I could make a living drawing comics, then fall asleep and dream of having conversations with fruit. Here is where I attempt to make the former dream come true.

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Gillimurphy Stories Gillimurphy Stories
Gillimurphy Stories - A turn-of-the-century multi-storied apartment building, nestled in the city of Lockdale. Revel in its charm, discover its secrets, and meet its unwittingly affable occupants.

(If you're enjoying this strip, catch up with the original GS series which predates the current edition, found here:

Last update: 4th Sep 2017
Gillimurphy Stories (orig.) Gillimurphy Stories (orig.)
In the city of Lockdale, there's a tale to tell on every corner. But one building speaks for itself...

Gillimurphy Stories - a turn-of-the-century multi-storied apartment building, nestled in fair Lockdale's historic district. Discover its charm, stumble upon its secrets, and witness a side of the city that often goes overlooked through the eyes of its residents.

This is the original series that ran independently from 2010 to 2011. The strip has since resumed here:

The original GS was my first attempt at writing & drawing a comic strip. After nearly a year of posting as religiously as I could, I stepped back for awhile to catch my breath and switch to full-time artist duties over at “Tumble Dry” which is currently stalled at #50 here:

Thanks for reading!

Last update: 5th Feb 2012