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L. Cardenas
Registration date: 1st Aug 2014
Last seen: 15th Mar 2018, 7:01 AM
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About me
What's there to say, really? I do the comic thing and like dragons.

L. Cardenas's comics
Angels of Iblis
"In a world, where starting a sentence with 'in a world' automatically makes you read said sentence in that cool announcer guy voice, comes a webcomic about people killing each other."

Look, I know the point of this thing is to try and hook you into reading my comic like some sort of hypnotic siren's song, but I don't really feel like spoiling things and would much rather leaves things a surprise. All I'm gonna say is that this is one of those game-of-life-and-death Battle Royale Stories, along the same lines of Mirrai Nikki and Dangan Ronpa. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, then there's really not much else I can say to convince you now is there?

So yeah, read if you want I guess. I won't break into your house at night and slightly tilt all the picture frames in your room 15 degrees down to the left if you don't. I have people to do that for me. Oh, and sorry about that guy who drank the last of your milk last week. He was thirsty.

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Last update: 1st Aug 2016
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