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LEMullin's Profile
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Registration date: 8th May 2012
Last seen: 27th May 2019, 10:22 AM
Posts: 18
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Location: Uruguay
About Me
I wrote and illustrated the graphic novel The Everlasting Return, published by Zetabella

LEMullin's Webcomics
The Nymphs of Springfield
What if all the men in your town were madly in love with you?
That's how the Whickman sisters' life is. But a horrible crime from the past has been uncovered, and the three witches' lives won't ever be the same.

A 110 page witch comic divided in five chapters of 22 pages.

Last update: 16th Oct 2018
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The Everlasting Return of mR mILDEW
mR mILDEW is a fictional character from a children's book, but that won't stop him from achieving his goal of ending the world.
Last update: 2nd Aug 2018
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Silver Nights
Wilson Jones is a retired, rich and bored man. So he decides to become a detective, although it seems he doesn't know what he's doing. In fact, he doesn't have the slightest idea of what he's doing.
Last update: 28th Dec 2017
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Prince Momo
Young Momo has a gift and a curse. Everything he imagines comes to life. And Everything includes, of course, the end of the world.
Last update: 14th Dec 2017
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mR mILDEW Ends The World
Last update: 5th Apr 2015
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Short and very short stories
Short and very short stories
Last update: 9th Nov 2018
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