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LJ Phillips's Profile
LJ Phillips
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Registration date: 5th Aug 2013
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Location: Durban
About me
I'm a former art lecturer and bodyguard (which sounds much cooler than it ever was) who has been building a fantasy fictionverse for a couple of years. I've participated in numerous group exhibitions, had three solo exhibitions and published several short stories. My work is mostly digitally painted but occasionally blends 3D and photographic techniques.

LJ Phillips's comics
Smoke, Fur And Stone
Smoke, Fur And Stone is a dark urban fantasy where Stone titans clash with beastmen. It's also a tender same-sex love story.

Caliban Deadfall is a young mystic trying to adjust to his new abilities and hold onto the man he loves.

When a Coven members start vanishing, it's Caliban and his motley pack of monsters who must save the innocent and hunt the guilty.

Last update: 5 days ago
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A comic about love, loss and men with three eyes. Mature readers only. Contains LGBT + characters, gay romance, BDSM and femdom.
Last update: 8 days ago
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Silver Bullet Nights
Silver Bullet Nights is gritty crime comic with magic (picture Sin City meets Dragon Age.)It contains language, sex, violence and is aimed at a mature audience.
Last update: 2nd Sep 2018
[Comic profile]
Chasing Ice
A love story between monsters.

Chasing Ice contains language, sex, occasional violence and LGBT relationships. Recommended for mature readers only.

Last update: 2nd Aug 2018
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