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About Me
A spacey oddity who really likes PMD and Undertale.

LKWayvern's Webcomics
There are many worlds. Similar stories iterated across an infinite multiverse. But this one is rather different. What are the eldritch? How did they come here, and what do they want? Chara and Frisk will come to regret learning the answers, though they do not yet know this. They don't know much at all, right now.

Viewer discretion advised, as Eldritchfell is an Undertale AU which contains blood, death, implied sucide, body horror, cosmological horror, and other content readers may find disturbing.

Last update: Yesterday
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads
A Collaborative Comic created by the artist community of Pokemon Crossroads.

Join us at PXR!:

Last update: Yesterday
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