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The Flybrand's Tale The Flybrand's Tale
When confronted with the free-spirited lifestyle of her Flybrand cousin, farmgirl Georgie Appleberry seizes an opportunity to explore every kingdom in Sylvanwall, at great risk to her reputation...and life.

Discover a realm where jousters ride beetles, knights command fireflies, and terrifying dragon-sized insects terrorize the country side. Begin your own journey into this expansive world of upcoming comics, books, and stories.

Last update: 2nd Feb 2021
5 Forrces- Legends of Lunasa 5 Forrces- Legends of Lunasa
In a dying world of fantastic creatures and steampunk technology, The Five Forrces must seek answers in the past to save the future.

(Join my weird and nostalgic journey as an 8th grade fantasy manga comic is remade and revised 20-ish years later.)

Last update: 26th Mar 2021