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Registration date: 27th May 2013
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Location: New Hampshire
About me
I was born one person, the people in my life tried to mold me into another.
I grew against the chains and the hammering those who had lost their fight against the world,
those that were so desperate to see my flower wilt because they had allowed their own to do the same.
I faltered, I cried and I waited for the chains to rust.
Powered by my pain I let my roots dig deep into the earth so that I knew I could never be pulled down.
Turning my face to false lights, I eventually found the true sun.
Uncurling my leaves, I broke free of the weeds that tried to choke my life from me.
Blooming, I am the person I was born to be.

LadiSilverfox's comics
Ran's Conquest
What happens when a deposed princess turned "evil" sorceress meets an all-powerful deity from another world who would rather be a mercenary?

Why they plot to overthrow a government and take over the world, of course!
Did you expect anything less?

Join this dynamic duo as they struggle to break the strangle hold of a corrupt government while trying to figure out how to keep themselves feed...

Story by Xav120 & LadiSilverfox
Art by LadiSilverfox, Made in ComiPo

Last update: 23rd Aug 2018
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Ran's Conquest Q&A
Last update: 10th Sep 2017
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Ran's Conquest's Cast
Last update: 10th Sep 2017
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Hana no hana
Yano, Oriana and Morimoto, Toya have been best friends since early childhood's chance meeting brought them together. Now in their third year of high school they each battle with the choice before them, keep their love for the other a secret and be unfulfilled or tell the other and risk ruining their friendship forever.

Will they follow their hearts or will their love and pain destroy everything?

Written & Art by LadiSilverfox, Made in ComiPo
Prompt for this story provided by saddestboi from DeviantART

Last update: 24th Sep 2018
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Mission Mars
Martians: mankind's term for the super humans living amongst them. Feared by humanity, their only choice is to hide or face exile to a mysterious place called "Hell." High School student Fukui Shun's secret has been discovered but rather than report him, the lovely Tengan Toki is determined to be his friend.

Made with ComiPo.

Last update: 19th Mar 2016
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