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I'm from Norway and I like to draw and write stories and now I kinda tried to do both with a webComic (Dubious Vulpes).

I haven't studied Comic or illustration anywhere, but I have worked a tiny bit with animation, but mostly studied sound-design and film. Now I'm just studying English.

I don't think I can choose a favorite genre, I really like reading and writing in various genres, but I do enjoy mystery and crime-fiction a lot.

Lamelle's Webcomics
Dubious Vulpes Dubious Vulpes
The ambitious police officer, Fredrica Lane, is having an okay-day. not bad, but not really that good either.
It doesn't get better when she stumbles upon a murder where she becomes the prime suspect. It takes one second before she knows what she wanna do, which is to not get arrested.

Updates every other friday!

Last update: 12th Apr 2017
Graphic Violence / Gore