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Registration date: 27th Feb 2011
Last seen: 3rd Apr 2019, 7:52 AM
Posts: 4466
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Location: Barnsley, NSW, Australia
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Aussie Artist / Writer

LauraEss's Webcomics
TDOR Webcomic Project Archive
An archive of online visual and literary art created to publicize and commemorate the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance.
Last update: 12th Dec 2015
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Laura's 24 Hour Comics
Stuff that Laura's drawn for 24 Hour comic events. At such an event you usually try and draw 24 pages of comics in 24 hours. The two main events entered are "The Comikaze Challenge" in June of each year, and "24 Hour Comic Day" in October of each year. It changes, but recently I've always drawn via the computer for the former, and by hand for the latter.

This also includes comics drawn as a substitute for an entry (such as "Floods and Storms") and to complete the storyline of an unfinished entry (like "Part Three"). I usually try and draw one page a day for those.

Last update: 1st Oct 2016
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Gender Transition for Innocents
This graphic novel examines the theory and practice of gender transition, as theorized, critiqued and proposed by myself and others, but contrasted to actual experience. Explores elements of transsexual, transgender, and queer experience/theory. Comments and constructive criticisms are welcome (though moderated), and content may change as a result.

To be collected and published in paper format when finished.

Last update: 7th Mar 2013
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Tales of the Galli
A group of gender variant priestesses try to get by in ancient Rome. This is a mirror of the Comic Dish Comic.

Keywords: roman, empire, antiquity, pagan, glbt, transgender, constantine, cybele, christian, history, historical

Last update: 13th May 2015
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Real Life Trips
A "fictionalised" collection of biographical accounts, each of taken from real trips I've made in the past (I kept detailed journals of each). The names of people and places will be cosmetically changed, partly because the content involves transsexual and transgender elements. For example, Sydney will become "Emerald City”, and the main character Edgar / Elsie are based on me.

Style and format change each chapter. To be collected and published in paper format when finished.

Last update: 25th Sep 2014
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