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Turn Back the Sun Turn Back the Sun
It was cruel fate to be born in space, but Elijah Kalgan has vowed he will not die there. He and Chief Engineer MacPhearson have a plan to turn the rickety and misguided Southern Sun around and bring it back to Earth. Unfortunately, that means staging a mutiny.

The finished pages for this comic are extremely slow-going but you can read through what's done so far, then hop over to "Turn Back the Sketch" to read the whole story in a rough sketched format.

Last update: 1st Nov 2021
Occasional Strong Language
Turn Back the Sketch Turn Back the Sketch
My webcomic "Turn Back the Sun" is unlikely to be completed anytime soon. The entire story exists in sketches, and I want to upload it to make it available to those who would like to read the rest of the story without any more delay.


Last update: 18th Nov 2021
Occasional Strong Language
The Wolf at Weston Court The Wolf at Weston Court
THIS COMIC IS NO LONGER UPDATING. You've all been lovely and it's been an incredible experience. -Roux <3

When stuffy high-end tailor Loup Noir finds himself at the whim of a renegade Faerie soldier, he must rely on his strength and skill as a Wolfman to survive in this epic adventure of Honour, Bravery, and Bespoke!

Last update: 7th Jan 2019
The Ten Tailors of Weston Court The Ten Tailors of Weston Court
This is a very silly comic about ten very silly men who make clothes. One of them might be a woman. One is definitely a Wolf.
Last update: 7th Jan 2019
A Red Fox Tale A Red Fox Tale
Since I have difficulty finding a good site that simply presents the Gospel and resources for new Christians, I am making one. I might post some other things here too, but that's my main goal. :)

Any ComicFurians with questions about it are welcome to PM me! <3

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
Fan Art of Weston Court Fan Art of Weston Court
Fan art and extras of "The Wolf at Weston Court" and "The Ten Tailors of Weston Court."
Last update: 22nd May 2017
Roux Tries to Code- a novel in three parts Roux Tries to Code- a novel in three parts
This is not a comic. It is me trying to do the coding without screwing my actual comic up. You can come visit if you want to laugh at me.
Last update: 7th Nov 2014

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