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Hi, I'm Leafa! I've been on this site since forever. I love weird things in little bottles and getting random cats in the street to notice me.

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Leafa's Webcomics
Athena and the Tortoise Athena and the Tortoise
A comic about science and tortoises.

Last update: 8th Jul 2020
Earth in a Pocket Earth in a Pocket
When she crash-lands on a strange alien world, anthropologist Halisi Mwangi must survive and teach the local alien denizens about humanity... armed only with the contents of her pockets.
Last update: 11th Feb 2020
The Reclamation of Timothy Cratchit The Reclamation of Timothy Cratchit
He's not so tiny any more. A decade after the events of A Christmas Carol, young Timothy Cratchit is finding it harder and harder to be the optimistic soul he once was. It might be that some benign supernatural intervention is required... that's how it works, right?

A Christmas Ghost Story, to be released one page a day during December 2018!

Last update: 24th Dec 2018
The Trapper Lad The Trapper Lad
A historical short story comic, set in a mid 19th century mining community. A boy faces his demons in the dark, real and imaginary.
Last update: 23rd Jan 2017
Breaking the Lore Breaking the Lore
A young monk listens as his grandmother recounts a tale on her deathbed, involving strange creatures, vanishing castles and implications for who, and possibly what, he is.
Last update: 23rd Jun 2016
The Art of Monsters The Art of Monsters
Don't teach sculpture to supernatural beings.

**Now Complete!**

Last update: 19th Nov 2016
Marginalia Marginalia
Comics that don't fit anywhere else.
Last update: 21st Mar 2022
I Love My Robot I Love My Robot
A boy and his robot need to save the world. WARNING: may contain space squid.
(This comic is absolutely ancient)

Last update: 4th Aug 2010