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I'm a project author, amateur at time. I want to improve to be professional. Comics make me happy since I was child. I want to give back all that happiness by doing something great some day. With my projects I want to make you feel high and dream. Come into my worlds.

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Asgard's Ashes
Welcome to the ancient universe of the Norse Gods. This is not Marvel, this is not soft, nor subtle. Loki, the God of Lies, takes us through nine fabulous worlds of laughter, betrayal, lust, deceit and war. The Frosson brothers in Midgard will show us how only the mightiest can cross the Golden Gates of Valhalla.
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Cosmos is a monumental Space Opera. Join Lem and Stella through light years of adventures and epic and exciting stories. Thousands of years in the future, everything has changed for humanity. And it has not been for our good. Nothing is what it seems and a danger lurks in every corner.
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