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Liim Granier Lsan♂
Registration date: 4th Jun 2010
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Location: chicago
About me
Live in chicago, horribly liberal, like acid and hard rock.

fav comics are D. Gray Man, the Spirit, The books of magic, and One Piece.
fav webcomics are Concession, Questionable Content, WREK, Suicide for Hire, Sandusky, and Cyanide and Happiness.

Penny Arcade is overrated even to a gamer like myself.

Liim Granier Lsan's comics
Pride SCN5
Furs are the residents of the Leaf realm. They guard mystic secrets from demons, and build packs and prides to guard those secrets. In a realm filled with furs, clan liasons betray and infight, steal and cheat, ally and counterplot, marry and murder.

In this chaos is Pride SCN5, tasked with keeping the three treasures, triadate, away from the shadow plane, banded together to wherever the heartstone takes them, to build up its strength for the upcoming final battle, and living life to the fullest possible extent.

Living life to the fullest of awesomeness and win.

Joined with the pride and on the warrior's pilgrimage is Clare Jamissen.

She, her new age fellow ronin Talisman Strongheart, her friend pride leaders Scott Keaton and Andrea Vanderveen, archrival Janet Rahman, fellow pridefielders Ricard, Chase, Zak, Elissa, et al., enemy Ironclaw, rival Sejara, enemies the Sanhedrin and Novus Homo, the Genesis compound, and nemesis Calder are the bringers of chaos and protectors of the beauty of the leaf realm and life in general.

(pronounce each letter)

Last update: 10th Oct 2010
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