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About Me
My name is Chelsea A. Bruno and I am an illustrator specializing in the style of cartoon as well as character design and development. I mainly work with pencil and sketchbook for initial sketches and then do my rendering digitally with programs such as Easy Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop. I have an Associates degree in Communications Media Arts as well as a BFA in Illustration.

Currently I have been developing a series of webcomics as I continue to draw and create illustrations in my free time. I also go to conventions year-round selling prints and stickers of my artwork.

LilBruno's Webcomics
I Love My Life
I Love My Life is an ongoing webcomic series established in July of 2013 in the style of a comic strip. This slice-of-life comic follows the life of Cheyne Bruek, a 22 year old girl just graduating college with no career, no money and freeloading; she remains living in her parents house along with her younger brother JC.
Last update: 22nd May 2020
Sydney's Pokemon Adventure
Sydney's Pokemon Adventure is an ongoing Pokemon fancomic series established in May of 2014 in the style of a graphic novel. This fancomic follows Sydney on her own Pokemon Adventure! At 14, she leaves her brother, Lachlan's, ranch in Pallet Town with her partner pokemon, Watson the pikachu, to adventure around the Pokemon world to become a great Pokemon Trainer.
Last update: 11 days ago