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Last seen: 19th Jun 2022, 1:52 AM
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A writer through and through. Specializes in fantasy, character driven tales, and feelings.

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Pokémon Gijinka Marathon Pokémon Gijinka Marathon
An idea that turned into a kind of friendly competition. We'll be aiming to complete the national pokédex in gijinka form, but no pressure; anyone to finish wins!
Last update: 11th Aug 2020
Silk and Sword Silk and Sword
In the heart of Goshenia, a desperate queen sends her daughter away in the hopes that she will live. As the not-so-little princess grows, an uncommon thief meets an astute lady of the night. And above them all rises the new queen, her careless footsteps finishing the path their ancestors set them on long ago.

Friends and family alike must survive in a crumbling society as the dead rise around them and unknown evils stir in the palace. Hope and courage may not be enough, but one thing is certain - in the end, life will always prevail.

Updates Saturdays.

Last update: 8th Aug 2021
Violent Content Sexual Situations
Court of Roses Court of Roses
As summer comes to an end in the kingdom of Prismal, the Bardic Festival is in full swing, bringing together musicians and minstrels from all over. But amidst the celebration, a sinister plot of murder unfolds...

Court of Roses is a D&D-inspired and LGBTQ-friendly fantasy tale following a ragtag troupe of bards formed by their mutual friend, a charismatic--if often drunk--bagpiper, Merlow the Rose, and who knows, mayhaps they'll solve a murder mystery together!

Contains Fantasy Violence and Alcohol Use.

Last update: 2 days ago
Violent Content
Tales of the Tides Tales of the Tides
Short stories from the world of The Back o' Beyond and Silk and Sword.

Updates will be very sporadic. Consider this bonus content rather than its own comic.

Last update: 20th May 2020