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Last seen: 2nd Feb 2020, 9:19 AM
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Lime Media Hawaii is a Honolulu based comic publisher, under the Lime Media Hawaii Presents imprint. We are dedicated to making fun to read comics for a variety of audiences. We have a talented art crew consisting of C K Tanaka of Green Tea Works, L K Grant of Kokoro Grafix, Rejena Smiley of and Marisa Torigoe aka Pua Kalaunu of Studio Kii'ola. Please enjoy their work!

Lime Media Hawaii's Webcomics
Hylanthean: Light of the Herald
On a mission to avenge his family, a young sorcerer finds out he is the last of his kind, destined to become the Hylanthean who is prophesized to free his world from the tyranny of the evil Dark Lord Barclavius and his Regime. Watch for The Hylanthean: Light of the Herald #1 coming this May from Lime Media Hawaii!
Last update: 21st Jul 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore
Mystery of the Black Water
Last update: 30th Jan 2016
Children of Aumakua
A supernatural coming of age tale of Manuwai, a young girl in a dysfunctional Hawaiian family that is helped and hindered by ancient Hawaiian spirits.
Last update: 11th Feb 2016
The adventures and trials of the 050 PRU Metro Honolulu, as they deal with supernatural, super powered, extra dimensional, and extraterrestrial threats and problems in a tropical paradise. Vacationing superheroes and super villains, Powers Out Of Control calls, secret societies, alien and supernatural pets run amok, paranormal domestics, natural (and unnatural) disasters, ghosts and ancient Hawaiian spirits, and much more.
Last update: 19th Jan 2017
Hylanthean: The Gaiden 2008
The Hylanthean Gaiden or side story serialized in Lime Media Hawaii's Hawaii Star Manga Project. The battle against Lord Barclavius begins!
Last update: 11th Feb 2016
Hawaii Star Manga Project
HSMP is a uniquely Hawaiian comic featuring a little bit of everything!
Last update: 20th Nov 2015
Hawaiian Comic Book Alliance Poi Bowl
A Mash up of Hawaiian Comic Book Alliance member samples and shorts for the Amazing Hawaii Comic Con!
Last update: 22nd Jan 2016