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20 y/o weirdo that lurks and pops up in your notifications sometimes
'Ello, curious wanderer. Whatcha see is what you get: Just a nerdy feller and amateur art-teest.

As you may've guessed from my profile, I am something of a Lupin III fanatic. Basically, that means I am here to steal your heart, and if not that, then at least your finest treasures. One option is more fortunate than the other, I'll tell ya.

When I'm not whisking precious things away, I'm probably working on comics about a kid with icecream hair.

Thanks for stopping by, and I bid ye adieu, miss, mister or mistess.

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JinGo! Beyond
Stories of friendship, magic, chaos, and the darkness that lies within mankind; a typical day in the life of our young adventurer hero, Jingo Maoxian.


The tale of the last human of Orose, an adventurous young lad with a heroic heart, who gets dragged into a battle between good and evil when he tries to protect his wondrous homeland and friends from a power-hungry invader. All the while, long forgotten ancient history begins to come back to haunt our protagonist, and it looks like the only way to end this war is to fight magic with magic...

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Violent Content Occasional Strong Language