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Registration date: 14th Dec 2009
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About Me
Lesse... I'm 21. I read a good few webcomics, not nearly as many as I used to, but the ones I follow most closely these days are Misfile, Menage a 3, and Gunnerkrigg Court. Not a lot else to say.

Lizuka's Webcomics
Wright as Rayne
Alex Rayne is a superhero.

He has no powers, he isn't a boy scout, and he prefers 'vigilante', but that's what he is.

Atlanta, August 2026. Alex is attacked by a group representing Sarabeth Phoenix, head of a criminal empire. When he wakes up the next morning, his mind is now in the body of teenage girl Dorothy Wright. And now as a result, he has to use his abilities and the new guise of Starchild to help Sarabeth if he wants to return to normal.

Last update: Yesterday
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Blue Blood Heroes
Six children possess a genetic irregularity that grants them super-human powers and turns their blood blue. As criminals and injustice begin to rise in their hometown, they decide to form a superhero team.
Last update: Today
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The Black Princess
Sareena Black and Misty Smid are best friends, and co-workers in Eighth Sin's Paranormal Division. While Misty begins to be introduced into the operations of Sareena's family of witches and warlocks, the two find themselves faced with a quickly growing number of magically-inclined threats and dangerous individuals, all while they begin to suspect that things aren't what they seem at their job.
Last update: 8th Jan 2016
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Second Chances
Some people say that everyone deserves a second chance at life.

But what if you never wanted a second chance?

What if you only wanted that one shot, and have it be over? What if you were forced to take that second chance anyway?

This is the story of such a person, a young woman cut down in her prime, and forced to try again.

Last update: 23rd May 2014
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