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Just one person trying to leave their mark on the world
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PMD: Paths To Requiem PMD: Paths To Requiem
A riolu suddenly wakes up lost and alone! So many paths, so many possibilities. How will this story end? YOU DECIDE! Take control of the story as you help the riolu traverse dangerous quests, meet a variety of characters, and go on the journey of a lifetime to find their way back home. Based on a Tumblr CYOA ask blog and updates along with the aforementioned blog. Artist will be credited. Please consider contributing to the comic's creation via Ko-Fi https://ko-fi.com/pmdpathstorequiem
Last update: 16th Apr 2022
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Llndea's Art Dumpster Llndea's Art Dumpster
Posting the progress of my art journey
Last update: 10th Aug 2022