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Sup Yo. I'm 28 yrs old at the moment. I enjoy going out of my way to rent Block Buster videos and eating kid cuisines. I like to travel and use Google earth to pretend I'm traveling. I'm married to my wonderful Gal Pal/Wife Ody. Hope you enjoy reading my comics!

-- Looey Q

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Mad Dog Mad Dog
Mad Dog and Spot are just a couple of cool cats, even though they're dogs. When ever they get together fate always serves them a side dish of adventure with a cup of heart and just a pinch of high fives! Follow along as they encounter mad scientists, alternate dimensions, evil sandwiches and who knows what else! Mad Dog! Every Saturday at 8 o'clock - 7 central! (Or whenever you feel like reading it)
Last update: 26th Feb 2019
Christmas with Mad Dog Christmas with Mad Dog
This is where Mad Dog's full length Christmas Adventures live! which started in 2007!
Last update: 22nd Dec 2011