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Last seen: 11th Sep 2022, 11:08 PM
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About Me
The author is an autistic trans dyke who is also songwriter, theatrical vocalist and bassist for The Attackbots who have an EP of the same name as her main comic.

Lucy Licious's Webcomics
Oily Beauty & Electric Pain Oily Beauty & Electric Pain

A misanthropic trans robot!
A keen autistic human!
An elderly house AI!
A weary genderfluid cyborg with an enhanced brain!

It explore questions of what it means to be a sentient robot in an unwelcoming society.
Set in a cyberpunk world with unusual fun animals where humans have powers that stem from their desires.

VISUALS: experimental mixed media approach, combining pixel art, photos, scans, drawings and whatever!

Last update: 14th Apr 2016
Frequent Strong Language
Lucy Licious Strips Lucy Licious Strips
A collection of short cartoons by Lucy (formerly Raine and David).
Last update: 21st Apr 2015
Frequent Strong Language
The Beautiful Plan The Beautiful Plan
A suicidal girl's humourous journey of desperate fantastical imaginings.
Last update: 8th Apr 2015
Frequent Strong Language
Death - Metal - Gender Death - Metal - Gender
Roxy - the suicidal robot trans girl
Last update: 28th Feb 2016
Frequent Strong Language