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Registration date: 4th Sep 2017
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About Me
Just a fan of crossovers and story media who wants to work for the animation and live action film industry and animation business.

LunarSpawnSerenata's Webcomics
Parekia Unchained
When a 13 year old girl with a repetitive dream discovers that it was a premonition. She must take on a adventure to know the identity of her true fate. Is the earth completely different than what she knows of? What is it in history that nobody knows of, and why are these damn creatures coming after her?
Last update: 25th Jun 2018
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Based on the webcomic Homestuck and taking place in a alternate universe, 60,000 years after the events. Thirty seven trolls discover a online game that is rumored to have threatened their planet by destruction if the game is not defeated properly, so now it is up to them to restore order to their planet. The game also tests their mottos and relationships as they step further. Some are also linked to this game's history.
Last update: 26th Sep 2017
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My Hero Academia: B.2
A young girl who is the last of her kind to posess a powerful Quirk enrolls herself to the U.A Academy to not just to live up to the name of her mother, but also defend herself and those associated to her from oncoming threats that are out to cause chaos.
Last update: 25th Jun 2018
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