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Registration date: 6th May 2012
Last seen: 1st Jul 2017, 7:54 AM
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LunerFox's comics
Lore of Shadows
Suddenly pulled into the world of Magical slavers.
Timmy and Remy aren’t sure how the feel about the situation. On one hand their well treated, but on the other hand somebody owns them. Not given any better options they let it ride. But the magic world is not what it seems to be. And these boys soon learn, life is a roller coaster when you live as a Shadow pet.

Last update: 14th Apr 2017
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Echoes of Eternity
The once noble Issmade clan was the bane of the light world. And an oddity to the dark worlds. The clan took each label with Pride. But now the clan has fallen. Tragic events has torn it asunder. But the youngest of the clansmen still hold on to hope. Clinging to a prophecy a dear loved one left behind before departing from their lives. When Enemies worm their way into the clan. Things take a sharp for the worst. But just as all hope begins to fade the winds of destiny begins to blow. Giving new life to the flame of hope. Join the Issmade clan as they not only regain their glory, but usher in a new age.
Last update: 12th Apr 2017
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