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Some kid with an internet connection and comic ideas of varying quality. Very enthusiastic about dinosaurs and creepy crawlies and would rather explore the deep sea than deep space. Lives in a house infested with rats on purpose and trains them in preparation for taking over the world someday.

M R Boggs's Webcomics
GAD Girl and Her Not So Merry Friends GAD Girl and Her Not So Merry Friends
This is for my girl scout gold award. I'm trying to depict what it's like to live with various mental illnesses, so that maybe people will understand more, and not just say people with bipolar disorder are "moody" or people with schizophrenia are dangerous or "crazy."
The comic will follow the adventures of Gigi, or GAD Girl, and her other friends dealing with mental illnesses helping each other and other people out with their superhero disguises.

Last update: 18th Jul 2017
The Not-so-Merry-Friends’ Guide to Mental Health The Not-so-Merry-Friends’ Guide to Mental Health
A companion piece to GAD Girl. This focuses more on information and less on plot. There are three sections- Recovery, Illnesses, and Helping.
Recovery: Tips, anecdotes, and coping methods
Illnesses: Symptoms, extra explanations
Helping: Crash course guides to mental health first aid and how to help others

Last update: 28th Jan 2016
Grandmother Tales Grandmother Tales
A compilation of tales from the American southwest, and information on the people that told them. This is a school project so it will take priority over the other comics.
Last update: 11th Dec 2015