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I enjoy writing, drawing, sculpting, baking, and making cube cows :D If you have a question, feel free to ask.

My very fannish tumblr. And one for my roadtrip.

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The Board of Encouragement
There's a board in our kitchen. Stuff happens.
Last update: 4th Mar 2013
Frequent Strong Language
In a world where water is both saviour and destroyer, what would you do if someone said they could save you from death? Marie would do anything, and said as much. Years later she is still trying to find the mysterious girl who saved her. Maybe she can find a way to cure everyone if she can just find her again...

Currently undergoing a redo, check back for updates!

Last update: 5th May 2013
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
Cube Cows!
Cube Cows for everyone! Merely shout something out and I, your ever faithful servant, shall warp and twist it into a cube cow. Be it a character, idea, game, object, or even yourself, once put into the cube-cowifier, it shall be done! All suggestions are put on a list, and then selected randomly off of that list.

If you or one of your characters are used, you have equal rights, and may use the drawing for personal purposes (eg. Avatar, displaying in webcomic...)

Last update: 18th Dec 2011