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Random average dude, really. I love burgers though [and coding (robotics) and chocolate]!

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The Adventures of Aquila and Teren The Adventures of Aquila and Teren
The comic follows lives of a group of highly "normal" aliens, specifically Aquila and Teren as they face exaggerated shenanigans of social, work and mathematical life.

Moved to Tapastic.

Last update: 16th Jan 2017
Aquila and Teren in Fan Art Infringement Aquila and Teren in Fan Art Infringement
Fan art obtained from various AWESOME people and COOL people and... etc.
Thank you very much!

Such sellouts!

Last update: 30th Jul 2016
Frequent Frontal Nudity
From Jak With Love From Jak With Love
Having created quite a few fan art pieces, this is the place where they rest until needed again or when I want to blackmail the author. Not really...

I will be uploading fan art I created for CF authors and other outside people. May contain unrelated drawings though!

Some fan art was commissioned and drawn by awesome people as well!

Last update: 21st Sep 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore
Core Dump Core Dump
Shapes, geometry, colors and mystery.
What my brain projected onto my screen.

Last update: 13th Oct 2016

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Chris the Blue
A loyal follower who actually gets most of my references.
Unquestionably advances my plan.

Rd Ashes
Rd Ashes. Once upon a time there was a phoenix. Loyal, with tears that heal and flame that inspires. From its ashes, this being was reborn. Rd stands for rad. My adviser and support. Mastered the difficult technique of nosed smileys. Mythical art style trickster. Unquestionably advances my plan. Quote: "Holy-Moley!"