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Registration date: 7th Dec 2012
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Malosis's Webcomics
In a city clouded by heavy pollution, so much so that the sun never shows, a girl named Amy "Cooper" Cowel spends her days wasting her life away with her only true love on earth: video games. She is joined with her friends, a bunch of awkward girls and one guy who make up a gang called The Spacewasters. The Spacewasters have no motivation in life and wish to rot along with the polluted city. However, the one thing they love beside video games is the Game Emporium which Cooper's father built with his bare hands.

However, when a hippie from out of the city named Derrick Garland wants to tear down the Game Emporium and make it into a national park in remembrance of his dead mother, Cooper and her friends are the first to object. And worse even, Cooper now finds a strange attractive to the pure, spiritual hippie. Caught between ideals, the gamers and the hippies battle and race to collect eighty-thousand dollars to buy the store before a third party seeks to wipe them both out!

Last update: 6th Nov 2014
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