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Hey y’all, I’m Mango Cat, but you can also call me Mango! 🥭
I really like drawing, Pokémon, cats, turtles, and especially Doctor Who! If you’d like, you can go check out my comics! Please do, actually. You’ll probably like them. Also, yes, this is my other account.
Also, here are some of my friends:
The Alolan Pokenerd
Dragon Cat

Mango Cat's Webcomics
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads
A Collaborative Comic created by the artist community of Pokemon Crossroads.

Join us at PXR!:

Since this is a collaborative comic, updates are random at best so please be patient with us. While it's reasonable to want to know when the next update will be, the truth is that it is very dependent on the schedules of the authors who are taking away time from their other projects to work on this one. So thank you for reading and your patience is appreciated.

Last update: 21st Nov 2021
Pokémon: Runaway Pokémon: Runaway
After an encounter with an angy Noctowl, a girl must make her way through the Pokémon world and find her way back home.

Last update: 27th Feb 2022
This comic is based on the Mark's Guild Pokemon Role-play, holding many of the concepts and lore we're developing in the thread. Plus possibly a comic adaptation. Join the role play here->
Last update: 8 days ago
Violent Content Sexual Situations
PMD: The Stones Of Life PMD: The Stones Of Life
Long ago, there was a war between Xerneas and Yveltal. Xerneas came out victorious, with the assistance of their Stones Of Life. Centuries later, fate is spinning into motion as the scattered Stones are searched out by the sinister Order of Yveltal and the Explorers and Rescuers of Mark's Guild, and a certain fearsome quintet aiming to rid the world of the accursed Stones. And beneath it all, century-old secrets waiting to be revealed...

A comic based on the Mark's Guild RP.

Last update: 15th May 2022
Violent Content Sexual Situations
And Back Again And Back Again
The official sequel to Over the Line, where a group of cats discover world peace has not yet been established...

Read Over the Line here

Unfortunately there are less memes than OTL because I forget to draw them. That may change, though, if I keep being good at remembering lately

Last update: 9th Nov 2021
Violent Content
Mango Cat’s Art Dump Mango Cat’s Art Dump
I have so many random things that I don’t know where to post. So I’ll post ‘em here.
Last update: 6 days ago
PMD Chanterelle PMD Chanterelle
Two Pokémon randomly wake up in the woods and have no idea who they are and why they’re there. Along with some friends, they are tasked with saving the world. Will they succeed? Maybe... or not, who knows.

Updates are on Tuesdays and Thursdays! ^^

Last update: 2 days ago
30 Days of Characters - 2021 30 Days of Characters - 2021
ComicFury artists join together to challenge themselves! 30 characters in 30 days - one new character every day, for the entire month of April.
Last update: 1st May 2021
Pokémon RP: Lost Island Pokémon RP: Lost Island
For centuries, the Island has been hidden from the world- lost from society. While maybe not everyone agrees with the idea, all the natives live happily under Tapu Fini. But soon, everything will be tested...

A drawn version of a forum role-play by various participators.
If you would like to join the rp, please do these things:

1) Go to the forum game! Arc one has finished, so you will start at Arc 2. Link->

2) Submit a character using the sign-up thread, and the character template there. (Drawn references are encouraged, but not REQUIRED. If someone feels up to it, they might even draw your character for you!)

3) Role-play in the thread! For maximum rp-ing, interact with main groups of 'mon.

Last update: 22nd Nov 2021
Over the Line Over the Line
When the world was new, the light and darkness were fighting for power. They came to a truce, that light would get one side of the world and dark would get the other. There is a place that the two halves of the world meet, called “The Line”. No one has ever dared to cross it. They don’t know what could happen if they tried.

Sometimes these mysteries are best to be left alone...

But Neo and Zini don’t really care about that; they care about saving the world. Wouldn’t everyone? However, are they really saving it? Or making everything worse than it already was?

Last update: 8th Dec 2020
Violent Content