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Registration date: 6th Jan 2013
Last seen: 16th Jan 2015, 8:02 PM
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Location: Florida
About me
My name is Mara. I'm 25.

I am a US Army Veteran. ( Was injured badly and am no longer in. - Tore spine in 3 places, fractured hip and broke both feet.-)

I am currently going to school for a degree in Digital art.

I love chocolate and dragons. If I had both my world would be complete.

I Love gaming whether its MMOs, FPS, Console action games, any!

Love drawing as well, worked on a comic for about 7 years before my computer crashed and I lost most of the storyboard/ digital work.

I am from Germany but I live in the US. :P Ich spreche auch Deutsch, aber Schreiben kann ich es nicht mehr so gut.

Mara.Self's comics
Draken Burst

Draken Burst is an epic, violent, action packed adventure that delves into the world of Pharlahaim, where the struggle of good and evil is balanced by the highest form of life on the "Divine Tree"...Dragons.

The balance of the world is tipped when the malicious Govodawn attempts to capture and control the most powerful dragons, the Guardians, protectors of the Dragon Queen herself. His attempts fail, leaving him with an unstable experiment on the loose and she doesn't even know it. Now it's a race against time. Will the girl regain her memory and find the Guardians before Govodawn does? Or will something deep within her self spread chaos throughout the world, chaos not even her creator can control.

Last update: 26th Jan 2013
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