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Marshal Star
The Frontier.

The vast, uncivilized expanse beyond the courts of the Dragon Houses. Where pirates prowl the space lanes, explorers seek their fortunes, and the wanted come to be forgotten.

For generations the Frontier has been at relative peace, its citizens and borders protected by the Stardust Marshals: Interplanetary peacekeepers who defend the innocent, protect the helpless, and preserve the freedoms they all hold dear. But now the spectre of draconic influence brings whispers of growing strife on coreward worlds, and many wonder what the future holds

Into these uncertain times comes the newest member of the Marshals: The crimson headed captain of catastrophe, Bri. A mystery to all but herself, and a hot tempered boot to the throat of every ne’er-do-well within eyeshot, Bri and her rag-tag crew of law bringers are determined to defend their charge by any means necessary.

But as the powerful forces of the Dragon Houses expand, what can they hope to achieve? And what secrets from Bri’s past lay waiting for discovery?


Last update: 29th May 2018
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