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Last seen: 14th Oct 2011, 12:05 PM
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I am a teenager from the States. What else do you want to know? GET AWAY STALKERS!!

MattWL's Webcomics
Test Site Test Site
This is only a test site for HTML crap. No comics
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
Cereal with Milk Cereal with Milk
A webcomic/diary for me. I'll update when I feel like it with humorous stories from my strange life.
Last update: 15th Sep 2011
Eleventeen Eleventeen
A single panel webcomic.

Has been compared to the Far Side!

(in a bad way D:)

Last update: 19th Sep 2011
Make it a Double Make it a Double
A trio of misfits in the cartooning world
Last update: 10th May 2011
the hit man the hit man
The hit man. My attempt at a story line comic. Probably going to be a failure, but ya never know!
Last update: 1st May 2011
Graphic Violence / Gore
Matt's Tip of the Day Matt's Tip of the Day
Originally, this was in the forums. But I was so consisten that I made it into a webcomic. Don't expect it to last long.
Last update: 24th May 2011
Tales of a Demented Mind Tales of a Demented Mind
A webcomic full of tradegies that would be worthy of being a Shakespeare play. Thrillers, horror, sadness, romance... everything you want in a good story.

Written by Bridget and cartooned by Matt.

Last update: 25th Jun 2011
Graphic Violence / Gore